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Flunking New Year’s Resolutions

January is about to end. Many of us like to set New Year’s Resolutions. Sadly, few of us achieve our goals, as we blame changed circumstances or changed priorities. Most of us simply gave up after one week. Are you succeeding in achieving your New Year goals? 

New Years Resolution

It’s not easy… 

Around 25% of people give up their New Year’s Resolutions after one week, while fewer than 10% will maintain their goal to the end of the year. The main reason for failure is making a resolution (goal) that is too challenging and unrealistic. 

Top 5 Goals New Year’s Resolutions

  1. 25% set the goal to exercise more.
  2. 23% set the goal to lose weight.
  3. 22% set the goal to be happy.
  4. 22% set the goal to eat healthier.
  5. 17% set the goal to be more positive.

Keeping your resolutions rolling

  • Write the goal down and don’t over commit. Ideally aim to change one thing.
  • Do it with a friend as together improves the overall success.
  • Don’t expect lasting change for at least 3-months.
  • Drink a cup of coffee if struggling to exercise, as caffeine improves energy levels and motivation.
  • Get more sleep to boost the brain and make better choices.
  • Pick small actions, such as walking for 20-minutes three times a week.
  • Use visual cues, like placing training shoes by the door or leaving a swimming costume out.
  • Don’t limit goal setting to the New Year. Make an Easter or Summer Resolution.
  • Split an overall goal into small milestones to keep the motivation up. 
  • Use a financial incentive to boost the change in behaviour.

The first thing you should do before setting a goal is to reflect on how the previous year went. Think about the goals, the successes and the struggles. Can things be done differently and/or tweaked? By asking these simple questions, it will improve the outcome when setting the January 2024 New Year’s Resolutions. Good luck.

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Date: 30 January 2023 by Max Robinson