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Warming to Wood Burners

Wood burning stoves saw a 40% increase in sales, showing that consumers are trying to counter the rapid cost of heating. An eco-burning stove costs £1,000-£1,500, plus installation* and burns about £650 in logs for evening and weekend use. If your home has a chimney, have you thought about buying a wood burning stove?

[*For safety, ensure the chimney is swept annually. In smoke-controlled areas (urban), only dry wood can be burned. Some local authorities have banned wood burning on open fires.]

Wood Burner

Burn Baby Burn

Since gas and electricity prices have doubled, many families are turning to wood burning stoves. There are about 1.5m stoves in the UK, with an estimated 200,000 wood burners sold each year. 

Deal or no deal

Experts reckon that by mixing central heating and wood burner, a household can save at least £132 per year. Like all raw materials, wood (logs) has increased 10-15%. It’s best to burn logs with a moisture content below 20%. Since 2021, the government banned the sale of wet wood (> 20% moisture).

Before purchasing a wood burner

There are a few rules and regulations that need to be considered:

  • A wood burning stove is a technical appliance and should be installed qualified installer.
  • If selling your house, you will need to show a certificate of installation by the approved installer.
  • Ensure the correct stove size or the room may be uncomfortably warm or not warm enough. 
  • The flue requirements are another important consideration.
  • Understand the manufacturer’s warranty, as cheaper prices may mean a shorter product warranty.
  • All stoves should be UKCA approved.
  • All Stove Industry Alliance Retailers have offer important after-sales care and advice.

By visiting a retail showroom before purchasing a stove, creates an opportunity to see different appliances. Many stove retailers have live displays, and offer professional in person advice on operating and refuelling the stove.

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Date: 16 January 2023 by Max Robinson