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Not cow’s milk

There are many TV adverts encouraging consumers to buy alternative cow’s milk products. Supermarkets stock many animal (e.g. sheep, goat) and plant-based (e.g. oat, almond) alternatives. Few people have a milk intolerance; many may be vegan or take an environmental standpoint. Are you seeking alternatives to cow's milk? 

Cow's milk

Drink up

A third of people state that they suffer from intolerance to cow's milk and products made with cow's milk. However, doctors reckon about 8% of the population have a lactose tolerance (illness symptoms).

A third of us drink plant-based milk and the total spend on plant-based milk reached £394m in 2020. In contrast cow’s milk sells over £3bn a year. Alternative plant milk ingredients range from oats, almonds or soya, cashew, coconut to name a few.

Pros for using milk alternatives

  • A perfect alternative for those who are lactose intolerant.
  • Many alternatives are a good source of protein and calcium.
  • Most of them are low in saturated fat and contain healthy fats.
  • Plant-based milks contain some fibre (missing from animal-based milks).
  • Can be fortified with key nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D and B12

Cons for using milk alternatives

  • Plant-based milks cannot be relied on to supply enough calcium and other key nutrients.
  • More expensive than cow’s milk.
  • Plant milks often contain preservatives, thickeners, and stabilisers.
  • Not all plant milks are as environmentally friendly.
  • Many have added sugars.

Soy milk is a popular plant milk, but the downside is that growing soybeans can lead to deforestation. However, cow's milk has a higher impact across all green metrics. It causes around 3-times as much greenhouse gas emissions, uses 10-times as much land; 22-times as much freshwater.

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Date: 27 February 2023 by Max Robinson