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Numbers Galore

Nearly 17m adults have numeracy skills roughly equivalent to those expected of children at primary school. The cost of living crisis will hamper many adults as they grapple with budgeting with less money. It’s Number Confidence Week (7-11 November). Is your family confident with numbers?


Why numeracy? 

As we all bump into numbers. It maybe dealing with mortgages, or loans with interest rates or pension returns. Inflation has a dramatic effect on prices of everyday basics. It’s critical in being numerate to make informed decisions. 

The impact of poor numeracy

Low numeracy skills are associated with poor outcomes in life:

  • Twice as likely to face unemployment.
  • Less wage-earning potential, and a lack of positive financial behaviours including saving frequency and keeping up with bills.
  • There is a correlation between poor numeracy and poor health.
  • Pupils beginning secondary school with low numeracy skills are more likely to face exclusion and/or play truant.
  • 65% of adult prisoners have numeracy skills at or below the level expected of an 11-year-old.

 Step up to maths

  1. Embrace maths mistakes, as it's to learn. By getting it wrong people understand a bit more about how to get it right next time.
  2. Believe in yourself to have the confidence to learn maths. By taking the first steps to learn maths is believing that you can succeed.
  3. Take time to learn, as maths is not about rushing the answer. Take maths at your own pace and come back to the learning whenever you need to.

By engaging children with maths at home, they build a foundation in numeracy. Take them to the supermarket as the shop is packed with maths. If a 50% off deal, ask your child to tell you what the original price would have been. If you are buying fruit and every family member eats a banana per day, work out how many bananas are needed for 5-days. Do maths puzzles from magazines with the kids or play board games such as Monopoly.

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Date: 07 November 2022 by Max Robinson