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Breaking Point

People and stress go together, whether it’s work worries or cost of living pressures. The death of a monarch can bring back negative feelings of lost family members. If you or a family member feel overwhelmed, fatigued or on edge, then it could be a breaking point. Are you prepared to take action to avoid this point?

Mental Health

Crazy Numbers

Alarmingly, 4 years ago, a UK stress survey found that almost 74% of adults felt so stressed that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. Made up of 81%  women compared to 67% of men. That’s long before covid, the cost of living crisis and Ukrainian war etc. The stress numbers today may be worse.

Don’t do this

  1. Do not try to do everything at once, so set small targets.
  2. Do not focus on the things that cannot be changed.
  3. Try not to feel alone, as support is available.
  4. Avoid using alcohol, cigarettes, gambling or drugs as a self-help.

Reaching breaking point

Most people feel stressed sometimes and stress can be helpful or even motivating. If stress is affecting peoples’ lives, then it may be getting out of control. Here are the signs that a breaking point is being reached.

  • Trouble sleeping or the opposite of not being able to get up. Both patterns create exhaustion.
  • Struggling to concentrate or focusing on the simple things. Everyday tasks are too much.
  • Emotionally snapping and easily being frustrated over the smallest of events.
  • New eating habits, reaching for comfort foods that are high in sugar and/or fat.
  • Personal relationships suffer or not connecting with family and friends.
  • Negative outlook or stop caring about things, such as appearance.

Doctors have found that stressed people have a reduced immune system. This makes it easier to catch infections or develop chronic inflammation issues. One way out is to seek professional help, either by learning techniques for managing stress or via pills (medicines) offered by the heath service. It is best to tackle the stress before the breaking point is reached.  

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Important: If you are feeling at breaking point, then seek practical help relevant charities or speak to your GP.


Date: 03 October 2022 by Max Robinson