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Coupons Galore

Grandparents remember clipping coupons from newspapers. Then it was printing them off (computer); now its apps or online. Most coupons are on food, toiletries and home cleaning products. In the cost of living crisis coupons save money. Have you considered coupons?


Coupon Crazy

Coupons and loyalty schemes are common in retail, as shops aim to attract new customers. Experts reckon that around 55% of UK consumers use reward or loyalty schemes. Couponing has gone digital and most of the savings will be via your phone or online.

How to coupon effectively

  1. Wombling is finding coupons that others have discarded (left in trolleys).
  2. Direct coupons come from writing to manufactures and telling them how much you love or hate their products. 
  3. Store Coupons often appear in newspapers or in-store magazines (or via loyalty cards)
  4. Peelies appear on some supermarket products. 
  5. Receipts are a source of money off coupons deals.
  6. Coupon only websites, allow you print/emailed the coupon.
  7. Junkmail through the letterbox may include local takeaway chains discounts.
  8. Social media allows brands to hold competitions for coupons. 

Beware of fake coupons, as fraudsters are offering counterfeit coupons. It’s a great idea swapping coupons with friends but be careful to ensure that the coupons are genuine. If you become a master of couponing then you will be stacking (combining offers). e.g. using a manufacturer's coupon alongside an in-store offer.

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Date: 05 September 2022 by Max Robinson