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Setting Life Goals

The cost-of-living crisis is squeezing families, with many incomes being outpaced by inflation. There is no magic solution, however, using Life Goals can create a sense of purpose and offer stability. Many people use Life Goals, both in their personal and work life to help drive success. Have you set any Life Goals?

Life Goals

It’s no daydream 

A Life Goal will evoke an emotional response if you imagine achieving it. Focus on the things that really matter, as Life Goals are about the quality and not quantity. There are 5 key Life Goal areas: career, finance, personal development, spiritual and relationship. 

Benefits of setting Life Goals

If your Life Goal is to buy a big house in the country in 10 years’ time, then you need to think about saving a certain amount per month, a job promotion, deciding on which part of the country to live in etc. The benefit of setting a Life Goal is:

  • Help to stay on the right track and achieve a faster progress.
  • Measure progress and remind you of where you are up to.
  • Build motivation and momentum towards the hitting the Life Goal target.
  • Stops you putting off tasks, so ensuring achievement.
  • A sense of a shaping the journey rather than being enslaved.
  • Sharing a Life Goal with a partner means working together to achieve it.

Life Goal setting is important, but it may not suit everyone. When I was in my twenties, I set a Life Gaol in terms of a retirement pot of money. It’s taken me 30 years of investing, but the amount that I set is getting closer. Be ready to set long-term goals that you slowly work towards.

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Date: 28 August 2022 by Max Robinson