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Be a mumpreneur

Imagine being a successful Mumpreneur. It refers to mums building a business from home, while working around bringing up their kids. Technology, apps for invoicing, social media, admin software allow mums to operate from the kitchen table and much more. Do you want to be a mumpreneur?


Mums the word

Experts reckon that mum bosses with dependent children is generating over £7bn and creating over 200,000 jobs; and it's growing fast. The key business areas are Heath & Care Services, followed by Professional, Scientific & Technical Services.

Successful business owners make better decisions by analysing when things go well and when things go wrong. Small changes can lead to significant improvements.

Advantages of starting a business from home

  •        No office needs to be rented.
  •        Save on commuting time.
  •        Be flexible in terms of chosen working hours.
  •        No distractions from work colleagues.
  •        Tax advantages and normally less start-up money is required

Disadvantages of starting a business from home

  •        Too many domestic distractions and interruptions.
  •        Not mixing with other business owners.
  •        Horrible long hours, including working at weekends.
  •        Few social interactions.
  •        Possible mortgage and home insurance business exclusions.

Building a business takes time and much longer than first anticipated. Around 80% of business start-ups fail within the first 3-years, however mistakes are a positive learning. By starting a family business at home, Mums not only have the freedom to work from home, but also they have the support from other family members.

ChildMax continues to ensure your salary and pays your take home salary while you’re on 12 months’ unpaid leave, caring for a sick child. It starts from £49.50 or for easy budgeting an initial payment of £8.25 followed by 11 monthly payments of £3.75.

 Visit at or call the UK call centre 0333 323 0098 for more information.


Date: 15 August 2022 by Max Robinson