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Vampire electricity

Dracula has not added to our troubles. A vampire device is an electronic item that drains power while on standby. Experts reckon the average household is spending £147 annually by leaving devices on standby. Have you got vampire devices in your home?

save money

Money suckers

A device plugged into the mains will slowly draw power. These include smart speakers, laptops, internet routers etc. Here’s a list of money suckers on standby, shown as costs per year:

  • Games console costs about £12.17
  • Computer costs about £11.22
  • Microwave costs about £16.37
  • Shower costs about £9.80
  • Washing machine costs about £4.73
  • Printer costs about £3.81
  • Phone charger costs about £1.26

A smart meter display can help to identify how much energy is used at different times of the day, showing where the electricity is wasted. 

Top tips 

Just switching off electronic devices at the mains rather than switching to standby will save money. Other tips are:

  1. When buying a new product, select those with a low standby power usage.
  2. Add all electronics (computer, gaming console, TV) to a single extension lead and switch that off at night.
  3. Turn lights off when not in the room.
  4. Use a smart thermostat to keep the temperature as low as possible for as long as possible.
  5. Do not leave chargers plugged into devices once they are fully charged.

Removing vampire electronics from the grid translates into £3bn saving for UK households. Researchers found that 72% of those aged 54-65 said they would switch off appliances to save money. However only 39% of those aged 18-24 found the idea appealing. Possibly they are expecting Mum and Dad to pay the electricity bill.

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Date: 08 May 2022 by max robinson