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To be childless

Having a child may be a relatively simple act for many parents. However, for couples unable to have children, it can be devastating and isolating. Events with friends and family can be cruel reminders. It creates jealousy and worse a feeling that a couple has failed. Do you know a childless couple? 

Childless couples

The numbers talk

Not being able to have children is an unexpected blow. Around 1:7 couples have difficulty conceiving. Government numbers show that in 2020 those women who reached aged 45 years (born in 1975), 18% were childless.

Relationship strains

Being childless can put pressure on the relationship. Some couples seek the blame game and avoid intimacy and risk of mental health problems, like anxiety or depression.

How to cope?

  1. Commit to open communication and take it in turns to talk and listen. Try to be honest with one another as you will be able to make decisions that feel right for both.
  2. Seek help via professional relationship counselling to explore feelings and choices in a safe and confidential environment. Help to understand each other’s perspectives and emotions.
  3. Use a support network by asking family members, friends and maybe your employer so you can begin to build support structures to avoid feelings of isolation.
  4. If worried about mental health, then talk to a GP. They’ll be able to refer you to any local sources of support and check how you’re coping

Few couples are childless by choice, as women want to be mothers and men want to be fathers. Childlessness couples mean that in the future, they will not have adult children to look after them. Without children as informal carers of elderly parents, it will drive social care costs higher.

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Date: 13 June 2022 by Max Robinson