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The cost of petrol and diesel has rocketed in recent months; a gallon of petrol is £6 and diesel costs £6.50. Hypermiling is a way to help improve fuel consumption by using fuel-saving techniques. Do you know the simple hypermiling driving techniques?


Costs add up

Most car buyers’ glance over the fuel efficiency, not realising that they will spend over £1,000 on fuel each year. Fuel efficiency varies by car, with the average petrol car offering 36 mpg and the average diesel cars offering 43 mpg.

The basic hypermiling

There are NO driving skills needed for these hypermiling techniques:

  • The vehicle must be serviced regularly.
  • The tyres correctly inflated to ensure efficient rolling resistance.
  • Remove unused items in the boot to save weight.
  • If it's warm park in the shade to avoid using the car’s air-conditioning unit.
  • Drive when the traffic is less busy.

Hypermiling driving tips

These hypermiling skills will need higher levels of driver concentration.

  1. Drive defensively. Anticipate the road ahead, by leaving adequate distance to the vehicles in front.
  2. Drive without brakes. Braking effectively turns fuel into heat & brake dust. This type of deceleration maximises uses your car’s stored momentum and energy.
  3. Slow down. The faster speeds create more drag. A reduction of 20mph can increase the mpg by up to 45%.
  4. Coasting. By removing the foot off the accelerator when approaching a junction or red light so stopping with less breaking.
  5. Never turn the engine off when moving, as this cuts power to the servos that assist with braking and steering; worse it may engage the steering lock.

Other ways are to stop driving short journeys, as the engine doesn’t have time to reach its optimal fuel effeciency. Save fuel by using Public Transport or a car-share. Seek out fuel discounts from supermarkets. A 5p a litre discount will save £2.50 from an average 50 litre fill up.

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Important: Be a careful driver and do not endanger yourself or others for the sake of saving a few miles per gallon.

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Date: 11 April 2022 by Max Robinson