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Electric Bikes Revisited

The pandemic created a boom in cycling, increasing the UK bicycle market to £1.2 billion in 2020. Part of this growth includes the electric (e) bike revolution, with 9% of consumers owning an e-bike. Additionally, the cost of petrol/diesel may push commuters into buying e-bikes. Are you looking at buying an electric bike? 


Talking bikes

E-bikes only work if you pedal, as the motor won’t kick in. Electric bike speeds are capped at 15.5mph by law. You can go faster than this, but only by pedalling.

Covid cycling

The pandemic created a renaissance not only for leisure cycling, but also cycle commuting to the workplace. This has been supported new bike lanes, pavement-widening helping to make cycling a safer activity.

Why bother? 

It’s still small in numbers, but 4% of commuting trips are by bike. Here are positive reasons for buying an e-bkes.

  • Quick-starting, as the motor cuts in, making it easier and less stressful to keep in the traffic flow at junctions and lights. 
  • Less sweat making it much more practical to ride to work in your regular clothes.
  • Less muscle strain through the electric motor assistance, means being fresher for another ride.
  • Better mental health form cycling and exercise.
  • Cheaper than a car or public transport and greener. The cost per mile is tiny and it’s non-polluting.
  • Easy to store, with some e-bikes folding away into small packages.

On you bike

Industry experts estimate that 170,000 e-bikes were sold in 2020, which it says is a 70% rise year-on-year. This translates into 1:20 cycles bought in volume terms. E-bikes remain expensive, costing on average £2,500. In the next 20 years, as the government decarbonises the transport system, e-bikes will boost cycling.

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Date: 27 June 2022 by Max Robinson