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A good employer

We read in the press that the UK has not only a shortage of good employees in many roles, but also many staff are resigning for new roles. Ideally, the new role should be with a good employer, who respects and values their employees' work. When changing jobs can you spot a good employer?

Good employer

The great resignation

In late 2021, a recruitment firm found that 69% of staff were feeling confident about moving to a new role in the next few months, with 24% planning a change within the next 3-6 months. When changing jobs:

  • Check out the company culture during the interview process, by asking questions.
  • View the company core values on their website (if none, then it’s a red flag).
  • Research the company's performance, ensuring that it’s growing; more likely to invest in their employees’ wellbeing and training.

Tips for spotting a good employer 

Offers superior pay, benefits, a pleasant environment, and a share of the success in the good times. Here are other tips to consider:

  1. A positive interview procedure. Any company that impresses their interviewees will bring that same amount of dedication towards keeping their employees satisfied.
  2. Offer flexible working, so staff can balance their family needs, help with long commutes or coping with a major life event. Having flexible work improves staff well-being and productivity.
  3. Being an effective communicator by informing employees of coming changes to the business or workflows. This help to prevent misunderstandings.
  4. Promote empowerment, by offering a working environment that is motivational and inspirational. Staff should be more efficient, more productive and committed.
  5. Identify and cultivate skills by assigning projects to trusted staff as a way of bringing out their strengths.
  6. Providing employees with learning and development. Helping staff will reach their full potential.
  7. Offer employees who have completed extra training or higher responsibilities or career advancing opportunities.

Be careful with an employer that offers salaries and benefits below the market average, by relying on big bonuses if their staff beat targets. This demonstrates an employer interested in short-termism and seeing staff as an expendable commodity (easy to replace).  

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Date: 14 March 2022 by Max Robinson