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Talk Pants

Although the content is negative, the Talk PANTS campaign has made a positive impact over the last 9 years. It was created by a charity to help parents talk to their young children (4-11) about sexual abuse. PANTS never mentions sex but offers practical and reassuring safe messages. Have you used the Talk PANTS campaign?

Talk Pants

It is a real problem

Although it’s a horrible subject, research suggests that around 1:20 children have been sexually abused. Worse is that nine times out of ten, the abuser is known to the child. Girls and older children are more likely to experience sexual abuse.

We are all different

Every family will have the best way, depending on their children’s age, to have the PANTS chats. Some parents may use a car journey, a weekend walk or swimming.

What does PANTS stand for?

  1. P = Privates. Be clear with the child that their underwear covers up their private parts. No one should ask to see or touch the private parts or ask them to look at or touch anyone else’s. 
  2. A= Always remember the body belongs to the child. No one should make them do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. If so, then tell an adult they trust.
  3. N= No. Make sure the child understands that they have the right to say No to unwanted touching even if it’s someone they know or love. They’re in control of their body.
  4. T= Talk about secrets that upset them. The child should always talk about stuff that makes them worried and they won’t get into trouble.
  5. S= Speak up, someone can help. It’s always good to talk to an adult they trust, about anything that makes them sad, anxious, or frightened.

No family wants to think it will ever happen to them. By having a PANTS chat, parents are helping to keep their children safe from abuse. It’s best that parents have these chats every so often and adapt them to the child getting older. The children’s charity reckons that 1.5 million parents have already talked PANTS.

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Date: 04 July 2022 by Max Robinson