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Join a Union

We are entering tricky economic times, although the good news is that the UK jobs market is running hot with a shortage of staff. More than 5.5m workers are members of a Trade Union, which is about 17% of the workforce. Unions offer more than advice about going on strike. Have you considered the benefits of joining a union?

Join a Union

The numbers 

The glory days of union membership were in the 1970’s with 13.2m members, which was about 50% of the workforce. Today the data from the government shows there are:

  • 4m union members among public sector workers.
  • 2.5m union members among private sector workers.


Each union member is charged a fee (sub) to finance the union work; either be the same amount for all or based on the size of salary. Some employers recognise unions and collect the fee and directly from the employees’ pay slip and pass the sub onto the union. However, most unions collect their subs via direct debit.

5 big reasons for joining a Union

  1. On average, union members get higher pay through collective bargaining. They are likely to get better sickness holiday pay and pension benefits etc.
  2. Unions push for a more inclusive workplace for women, LGBT workers, Black and ethnic workers, older workers, and disabled workers.
  3. Workplaces are safer as 10,000 unions reps are trained to spot unsafe working practices and help reduce accidents.
  4. Any serious problems at work, then the union’s legal team can make sure of fair treatment. Each year, unions win millions in compensation for members who suffer injuries or are treated unfairly at work.
  5. Many unions offer discounts on household appliances; phone contracts; breakdown cover and car insurance. Also discounts on theme parks and package holidays.

An area often overlooked, is that unions ensure workers get a voice at work. This leads to workers being more involved in business decisions. Unions help more than 200,000 working people get the skills they need to get better-paid jobs. A better trained workforce helps the employer so it’s a win: win.

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Date: 21 February 2022 by Max Robinson