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Health Cash Plans

Health Cash Plans are a simple way to manage everyday healthcare costs, in return for an affordable premium per month, e.g. £20 a month can cover each family member for around £75 of dental costs, £75 of physiotherapy and £75 of optical. Has Health Cash Plans made it on your insurance radar?

Health Cash Plan

What is a cash plan? 

This is not Private Medical Insurance. A Cash Plan reimburses you for the cost of routine and unforeseen healthcare costs from the dentist, opticians or therapies. Cash Plans charge an affordable monthly premium. It uses community pricing, so each member pays the same price for the agreed level of benefit regardless of age and claim exposure.

A Long History

Health Cash Plans predate the NHS, with providers being not for profit busineses. There are over 3m cash plan customers. As cash plans are a popular staff benefit, check whether your employer to see it provides the cover for free, or for a small amount of cash each month.

The Benefits: 

If you’re someone who’s going to get more out of a health care cash plan than you pay into it, it could be worth considering. A Health Cash Plan can:

  1. Help to budget for everyday health care expenses.
  2. Offer low monthly premium.
  3. Cover the whole family.
  4. Include a range of benefits such as medical helplines and 24/7 GP access.
  5. Cover for physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic treatment.
  6. Pay a lump sum for a stay in hospital, as the cash plan pays cash for each day in hospital

Many cash plan insurers cover pre-existing conditions (check before buying). If you do think that a Health Cash Plan is a good idea, choose one that has the relevant benefits for you and your family. Nearly all cash plan providers cover dependent children at no extra cost.

Remember that if you're young and healthy and don’t make claims, then self-insuring may be a better option. Pay £20 (the cash plan premium) a month into savings and use the money for a rainy day fund for the small financial shocks. Over time the pot of money soon grows.

ChildMax pays your take home salary while you’re on 12 months’ unpaid leave, caring for a sick child. It starts from £49.50 or for easy budgeting an initial payment of £8.25 followed by 11 monthly payments of £3.75.

Visit at  or call the UK call centre 0333 323 0098 for more information.



Date: 28 February 2022 by max robinson