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Time for a 4-day week

Yippee, as your boss asks you to work a 4-day week for the same pay as 5-days! Better technology means not only increased productivity, but also less pressure to work long hours. Post pandemic, WFH (working from home) has entered the dictionary. Are you a fan of the 4-day week?

four day week

The grand experiment

There is a pilot exploring a 4-day week with about 30 UK companies. The 6-month long trial will see firms allowing staff to work 32 hours per week, over 4-days, while leaving their salary and benefits unchanged. Similar trials to be held in the USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Campaigners claim it will create a better work-life balance, but critics warn of stressed employees squeezing more work into fewer hours.

Advantages of a shorter working week

  1. Reduced costs by closing the office 1-day a week, along with less commuting.
  2. Happier employees with more free time to do things.
  3. Fewer health issues, as a shorter week is a longer weekend to spend more time with their friends and family.
  4. Increase in productivity levels as happy employees deliver more at work.
  5. Improve recruitment and retention, by attracting a wider set of talented candidates.

Disadvantages of a shorter working week

  1. A 4-day week model doesn’t suit every business and would cause chaos for some.
  2. Compressing more hours into 4-days, creates work-related stress. 
  3. Holiday days may need to be reduced. A 5-day week covering 28 days holiday, but a 4-day week equates to 22 days holiday.

There will be teething problems and it may not suit every firm, but experts have estimated that a 4-day working week would boost high street sales by an estimated £58bn. This is because a longer weekend would give shoppers 20% more time to spend on related to hobbies, gardening, and DIY. Watch this space…

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Date: 21 March 2022 by max robinson