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Dad Divorce

Aiming for good divorce, may sound like the wrong words. Although fewer couples are getting married (43% fewer than 1970’s), a third of marriages will end in divorce. This post will not seek to blame the couples; however, it will look at improving the divorce process from the dads’ side. Do you know any dads getting divorced?

Dad divorce

The key numbers

The average age for divorce is 46 years for men and 43 years for women. Similarly, those age 45 to 49 years old have the most divorces. In 2019, 46.5% of divorces were caused by unreasonable behaviour. The second most common reason the 2-year separation with consent. Adultery was the cause of 10.5% of divorces.

Dad in the eye of the storm

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone, and many dads feel that they come off worst. Here are tips for the men:

  • Prepare for divorce by thinking carefully. A confrontational husband will strengthen the wife’s belief that she wants to make him suffer. 
  • Negotiate from the start to resolve the situation and prevent a Judge being asked to determine the best outcome.
  • Listen not only to your solicitor, but also listen to your wife and avoid listening to mates.
  • Leave the children out of the dispute with your wife. 
  • Reach an agreement, by ignoring points of principle. Going to court to win the arguments will take longer and cost more money.

Dads’ have one worry in the divorce proceedings; being able to see their children. The child considerations are based on age, school arrangements and the ability to care for children. The law gives each parent a child relationship, provided that is in the child’s best interest and the parents agree to cooperate.

Men often see divorce as a business transaction, blaming the wife or others. Dads often ignore the emotional side, and these emotions can come back to haunt them. Therefore prepare for divorce by thinking carefully.

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Date: 01 August 2022 by max robinson