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Think frozen vegetables

It's a scorcher outside. Sadly, salad ingredients are expensive due to food inflation. A healthy diet needs vegetables. A cost-effective alternative is to buy vegetables from the freezer cabinet. Have you thought of buying frozen vegetables, as an alternative? 

frozen veg

Freezing numbers

The pandemic saw consumers spend an extra £872 million on frozen food in 2020. Frozen food is the fastest growing grocery category, second only to alcohol. Overall consumers spend over £7bn on frozen food. Young adults are more likely to eat frozen food due to the convenience and the growth vegetarian and veganism.

A Healthy Alternative

Don’t dismiss frozen vegetables as unhealthy when compared to fresh vegetables.

  1. They are as nutritious as fresh food. Frozen vegetables are almost like-for-like in terms of nutritional value. 
  2. A healthy way to preserve fresh food, as freezing is better than other methods such as canning or drying. Freezing extends the life of fresh produce.
  3. Able to eat nutrients out of season, as freezing fresh the produce in season is a valuable way to access vitamins and nutrients during the winter months.
  4. Cooking is quick, as frozen vegetables are easier to prepare, fast to cook with minimal wastage. No washing, peeling or chopping is required. 
  5. Cost is key, as typically frozen produce is cheaper than the fresh equivalent when out of season. By using the exact amount from the packet, it’s cost effective.

Children need to eat fruit and vegetables every day. Frozen vegetables have fewer calories compared to processed tinned vegetables (often add sugar). Frozen vegetables have minerals and vitamins that can boost your child’s immune system.

A real fillip for busy mums and dads, it that it’s not necessary to defrost frozen vegetables. Be aware that if you’re adding frozen vegetables to a meat dish like a stew, then their addition will lower the temperature of the dish and will lengthen the overall cooking time needed. That’s a small sacrifice.

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Date: 11 July 2022 by max robinson