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Buying a used car

Along with covid numbers, used car prices rocketed in 2021. Not only were dealers unable to trade properly, but also a global semiconductor shortage, reduced the supply of new cars. Traditional new car buyers moved into the used car market. How should you approach buying a used car? 

New Car

Eye watering numbers 

Car experts reckon that the values of second-hand cars have grown every month since the pandemic. The average value of a second-hand car listed Sept 2021 has risen by 21% to £16,067 in a year. Many used cars are selling for higher prices than they cost new.

Tips for buying a used car 

It’s important to get it right when choosing a second-hand motor.

  • Start with the finance and set a budget. Work out how much you can put down in deposit, and then calculate the monthly payments that you can afford or have a cash pot.
  • Monitor used car prices, especially for the make and model that you want. If you're looking at mainstream cars, then there will always be plenty to choose from.
  • Check all paperwork. If you are buying from a private individual make sure the listed keeper is selling the car from the address stated on the V5C logbook, then check the logbook registration and chassis numbers against those on the vehicle.
  • Inspect the car carefully in daylight and good weather. Rain on paintwork can hide a multitude of sins. Take your time to look over every panel, and all the trim surfaces inside.
  • Take a test drive. It’s vital to ensure that the car drives and handles correctly. Remember to have insurance in place.
  • Don’t be afraid to haggle on the price. Start low and let the seller push the price up. Pay only what you can afford. Walk away if you are being pressured into a higher price.

Check under the boot floor to see if the spare wheel and/or repair kit are in place, the original jack, and tools; they’re all expensive to replace. It’s a good idea to pay for an online history check on the car. It will give valuable information about serious problems the car might have.

When buying a car, make sure all terms are agreed in writing, with a receipt that both parties can sign and keep a copy. It should show vehicle details, price, and terms of sale and both the seller’s and buyer’s name and address. After that, it’s happy driving.

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Date: 18 January 2022 by max robinson