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The Covid Vaccine Debate

We all welcomed in 2022, along with an unwanted guest, the omicron virus. Yesterday there were 137,500 positive covid cases. Vaccination offers a key line of defence, but a group of UK adults remain unvaccinated. This post will not take a position, as each adult must make up their own mind. What is your view on vaccination?


The numbers

Not easy to calculate, but the experts reckon that around 20% of UK adults remain unvaccinated which translates into 11m adults. This big number is slanted towards the young. 

Why are people not getting vaccinated?

Every unvaccinated adult will have their own reasons, however Government research found two recurring themes.

  1. People do not trust that the vaccines. The speed with which they have been developed, and lack of time to know that whether some people will suffer long-term side effects.
  2. People did not feel the vaccines were necessary. The unvaccinated felt that they could protect themselves against COVID-19 by maintaining their own health and a strong immune system, or by taking steps to avoid catching it.

There are travel barriers in getting to a vaccine centre, or not being able to find childcare to attend the correct appointment. Although many can use a walk-in centre, some people have an existing physical or mental health conditions that prevents them from receiving the vaccine. 

Here’s the rub, people did not have any hesitation about vaccines in general and were positive about their role in protecting against disease. The majority had received childhood vaccinations and many adults have a flu jab, or certain vaccinations when travelling on exotic holidays. Looking at the care numbers, at present 70% of those patients needing ICU care are unvaccinated. That number tells its own story.

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Date: 03 January 2022 by max robinson