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Green up your life

COP26 is entering its second week. We are all learning about reducing our carbon emissions. It not only means teaching the children, but also parents need to learn to live a greener lifestyle. Are you changing your habits in favour of being greener?


The colour is green

In simple numbers, 40% of UK emissions come from households. Our homes play a key role in meeting the 2030 emissions. The average UK home’s carbon footprint has reduced by 4.7 tonnes of CO2 since 1990. A further reduction of 3.6 tonnes by 2030 will help keep us on track to the 80% UK-wide reduction in emissions by 2050.

What changes today?

Here are simple ideas at home, that translate into being greener. Then you are doing your bit to help the UK-wide reduction in emissions: 

  • Reduce your clothes washing. Most of the clothes carbon footprint is the energy used in the washing and drying the items each week.
  • Recycle as much as you can, as many supermarkets have collection points in for stretchy plastic (frozen food bags, carrier bags and bread bags); these can’t be recycled at home.
  • Look after your electrical appliances, by cleaning and maintaining white goods, laptops and mobile phones to prolong their working life. Being thrown away has a big carbon impact.
  • Change your shower head, to an aerated version and it will make a significant difference to energy and water consumption. Experts reckon a water-efficient shower head could save a four-person household £70 a year on gas water heating, and a further £115 on metered water bills.
  • Practise eco-driving by regular vehicle maintenance to increase fuel efficiency by 10%. Before a long journey, check tyre pressures. At less than 40mph, it’s more fuel-efficient to open a window than use air conditioning.
  • Draught-proof your home. A cheap and effective way to save energy and money by draught-proofing windows, doors, letterbox etc.
  • Buying vintage furniture (aka second-hand), stops new consumption and adding new carbon emissions. Use local auction houses and charity shops or online sites.

Although COP26 is top heavy with the press, the country negotiators and world leaders, you don't need to be a Prime Minister to do your bit for the environment. Make a difference from sitting in your own home and your children and grandchildren will thank you.

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Date: 08 November 2021 by max robinson