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Stop being disturbed at work

Being back in the office is a great opportunity to mix with colleagues and be part of a vibrant face to face team. However, it will mean being disturbed at your desk and many other distractions. After working from home, many workers will be frustrated by the distractions of office life. Experts reckon that workers are distracted up to 15 times a day, or every 35 minutes. Do you recognise the problem?


You’re not alone

Research estimates that 21m working days are lost every month from distractions at work in the office. Half of office workers in the UK admit they are unproductive for up to an hour every day. The top distractions are chatting with colleagues (77%), tea breaks (60%), browsing the internet (47%) and IT problems (42%)


Many office workers will claim that they will get more work done from home, because they have less interruptions. Top tips to stop the classic office distractions:

  1. Cut down on the smart phone by looking at it at certain times in the day.
  2. Avoid the temptation to stop everything and check emails as soon as a new message arrives.
  3. Remove background noise with noise-cancelling headphones (keeps colleagues away from your desk).
  4. Ease back on multi-tasking is a bad habit since it distracts you with too many jobs to complete. 
  5. Politely tell co-workers that you don’t have time to talk, but you can meet during lunch or a coffee break. 
  6. Avoid micro-management, where you are continually interrupting direct reports in your team or colleagues working with you on the same task. 

When I worked in an office the number one distraction was meetings and/or conference calls, many of which were unproductive and time-wasting. It is so easy to be pulled away from your work to sit in a meeting for an hour or be on a conference call. There is no easy way out, apart from setting a 3-hour limit per day per for meetings or have a No Meetings Friday.

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Date: 27 September 2021 by max robinson