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Cracking the virtual meeting

Covid-19 has meant hybrid-working with staggered visits to the office, with the remaining time working from home. This mix of working means running or attending virtual meetings from home or from the office. How to run a virtual meeting that benefits you and the attendees? 

Virtual meeting

Hybrid working is here to stay

Most employers plan to embrace hybrid working for the foreseeable future. Home working is only possible due to technology. Employers buy-in to Hybrid working as it will:

  • Help attract and retain talent.
  • Maintain health and safety.
  • Create cost savings.
  • Boost productivity.

Run a superior virtual meeting

A virtual meeting uses video IT conferencing such as Zoom, Skype, and Teams. To get the best out of the virtual meeting:

  • Test the technology ahead of time. Avoid delaying the meeting due to IT hiccups etc.
  • Make sure faces are visible. Video conferences are more effective with facial expressions and body language.
  • Stick to meeting basics. Prior to the conversation, set clear objectives, and ensure the participants have an agenda and reading materials.
  • Minimise presentation length and concentrate on the discussions. Presentation can be pre-sent as information.
  • Use an icebreaker. This tool helps to reinforce interpersonal relationships when people may be feeling isolated.
  • Assign a facilitator. In a bigger meeting a facilitator helps all questions to be asked, and all voices to be heard. 
  • Call on people to periodically speak. Avoid excluding the more introverted delegates. It also stops a few speakers dominating the discussion.
  • Capture real-time feedback. Gather views by polling or contacting participants to find ways to improve the structure or content.

Almost all office employers see working from home as a necessity. Some employers will offer flexibility by encouraging staff to work remotely two to three days a week. Others will offer staff alternate weeks between home and the office. Another popular route is hotdesking, where employees book to come into the office.

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Date: 13 September 2021 by max robinson