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The Staycation Is Here

With the possibility of foreign lockdowns, vaccine passports, testing regimes and hotel quarantine, the holiday abroad has never looked less attractive. This summer, Britain faces a staycation fever, as we head on our homeland holidays. Do not panic, as a staycation gives plenty of opportunities to explore and appreciate our island’s beauty, history, and culture. Why book a UK staycation?


Don’t mention the weather!

We know it rains in the summer, so we prepare with indoor activities, waiting for the weather to improve. That’s why Wales, Scotland, The Lake District and Cornwall are firm holiday favourites. A survey found almost three-quarters of families wanted to relax on holiday, followed by sightseeing.  Hotels and cottages are the most popular types of accommodation; they are the weatherproof option when compared to camping.

Good reasons for a staycation

  • No need to quarantine on homeward journey or follow foreign government rules.
  • Many great holidays are a short drive away.
  • Beautiful beaches with cool seas. Yes, the water is 15c versus 25c (the Med), but we have many great sandy beaches and stunning coastlines.
  • Cheaper than foreign holidays, without flights, airport parking and exchange rates fees.
  • Britain has the same luxury experience as any foreign country. 
  • Helping local business, by supporting the hospitality sector. 
  • Pets will vote for a staycation with their paws. 

The best part is doing your bit for the planet, as most staycations remove air travel. Flying is harmful to the environment, with a surprisingly large carbon footprint. Driving a car, with family members is the eco-friendlier option. Using public transport is the most helpful to the environment. By the way, did you know that the UK has 32 UNESCO world heritage sites? 

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Date: 28 June 2021 by max robinson