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Savvy Food shopper

With the different lockdowns and the subsequent economic slowdown, the pandemic is focusing financial minds, as people tighten their belts. Removing unnecessary expenditure from food bills can help many families. Are you looking for ways to make your money stretch a little further? If yes, then you need to be a savvy food shopper.

Savvy shopper

Big Spender

The average annual food cost for a typical UK household is around £5,028, based on the average 2.4 people, made up of:

  1. £3,312 a year on food for the home
  2. £1,716 a year on takeaways, restaurants, cafés, snacks, etc.

However, we are becoming more aware of grocery costs during the pandemic. A recent report found 31% of shoppers say price is now the most important consideration during the weekly shop, and 12% are limiting how much they spend.

Tips for savvy shopping

Save the pounds each week by using all or some of these hacks:

  • Use a shopping list to reduce the chance of impulse buys in the supermarket.
  • Buy online to avoid being tempted by offers and treats that would be sitting on the supermarket shelves. 
  • Analyse spending by keeping receipts for a month. Focus on the pricier items and consider cheaper alternatives.
  • Audit the fridge to see what food is wasted. Know your dates: use by means it may be harmful if you eat it after this date and best before means that the quality may fall if eaten after the date.
  • Preserve cooked food in airtight containers and resealed packaging, so it lasts longer.
  • Rely on leftovers. Soups, pasta sauces and curries are all perfect for freezing in bags.
  • Avoid special offers, like BOGOF deals.

Most people who monitor thier weekly shop awill save on their shopping bill. One of my favourite food shopping hacks was to change my visiting time. By going to my local supermarket at certain time each week, I picked up many reductions through clearance stickers. That saved me pounds per weak, particularly on the fresh meat. Happy savvy food shopping.

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Date: 06 September 2021 by max robinson