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Flexy work

The pandemic has taught us to be flexible. Working and caring for someone at the same time creates a tricky situation. You can make one request for flexible working each year and your employer must consider it (they may not agree to it). Do you know your flexible working rights?

Flex working

It’s a flexy-thing

According to the last Census, approximately 5.8m people provided unpaid care, representing 10% of the population. Of these, around 3.7m provide 1-19 hours per week, 775,000 provide 20-49 hours and 1.4 million provide 50 hours or more unpaid care. Unpaid care translates into flexible working either:

  • Compressed hours, such as doing the hours of 5-day week in 4-days.
  • Changing working hours, starting earlier, or finishing later.
  • Job sharing, with another colleague and splitting the hours.
  • Working from home or working in different locations to cut down on the commute.

Are you entitled to flexible working?

All employees, except agency workers, have the legal right to request flexible working, if they have worked for the employer continuously for 26 weeks. You only have the right to make one request for flexible working in any 12-month period, although different employers may consider more frequent requests.

It’s an emergency

Employees have the right to time-off in an emergency when it involves a dependent person, for examples, partner, parent, or child.

  1. The law states that you are allowed a reasonable amount of time-off to deal with the emergency, but there is no set amount of time.
  2. No limits on how many times you can take time-off for dependants. An employer may want discuss things if it affects the work output.
  3. The employer may pay for time-off to look after dependants, but they do not have to. Check your employment contract or company handbook for the rules.

Flexible working suits many people, ranging from those caring for the sick, elderley or in semi-retirement; flex-work is part of our careers, so let's take advantage of it.

ChildMax pays your take home salary while you are on unpaid leave caring for a sick child. The NHS provides world class medical care, but parents are the care team; this can reduce earnings. ChildMax starts from £49.50.

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Date: 17 May 2021 by max robinson