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Getting young children into books

When sharing a book with a young child, by reading aloud parents are doing something special. Choose a book that you can talk about for 5 minutes and that your children will enjoy. Parents should be brave and put on the silly voices and animal noises. Are you reading together with your young children?


It’s not learning to read

Sharing books with young children helps them to discover that books are exciting and fun. It feeds their imagination so that when the time comes to learn to read, children are eager to read stories for themselves.

5 tips for interesting young children with books

  1. Choose books that support their interests, are interactive and fun.
  2. Touchy-feely books that have textures can be a good way to draw a child into the book. Flap books allows them to lift the flaps to discover what’s underneath.
  3. If there are a couple of pages that they seem less interested in, then move on.
  4. Do not worry about reading all the words, as telling the story from the pictures is more important.
  5. If a child really is not enjoying the book, then leave the book and find one that they do enjoy.

Action Replay

Many children have favourite books that they asked for again and again. As adults listen to the same radio station or watch the same television programme each week. Children choose the same book as they enjoy it and then move onto another favourite book.

Choosing a good book

  • For very young children, start with a book that you really like.
  • It should have pictures or illustrations that you can talk about for a few minutes.
  • Flap books are great for anticipation of what is hidden beneath the flap.
  • For older children encourage them to choose for themselves (libraries have many children’s books).  

Children will learn to make choices and the books that they want to explore. They may choose a book that do not like; however, it is helping them to discover the pleasure of reading. What parents want their children to read and what the child likes to read may differ, but in the end, it is the joy of reading.

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Date: 03 May 2021 by max robinson