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Parent well-being

Just over a year ago, the PM announced the first lockdown, telling us that we will only be allowed to leave our homes for limited reasons, including food shopping or exercising once per day. Parents stood ready to support their children, but many parents had their own mental health issues from covid-19. What can parents do to support their own well-being?

Mental Health

Lockdown fever

Other lockdowns followed which meant spending a lot of time at home, creating a different rhythm of life. Parents often felt frustrated, lonely, worried, anxious, or concerned about the health of those around them.

Self-help starter

For parent self-help.

  • Be practical by asking neighbour, family friends for mental health support.
  • Stay connected with others, maintaining healthy relationships with people you trust, by phone, messaging, video, or social media.
  • Talk about the worries and sharing concerns with others. If unable to speak to someone trustworthy, there are many charity helplines.
  • Avoid falling into unhealthy patterns of behaviour that make matters worse. 
  • Stay on top of difficult feelings and focus on the things that can controlled, such people and information.
  • Avoid being glued to the news and social media. Set specific time to read or watch the news, once a day.
  • Focus on a favourite hobby (at home) or start a new hobby: read, write, crosswords or cook or paint. .
  • Take time to build relaxation techniques to help deal with feelings of anxiety.
  • Maintain a regular sleep pattern and stick to good sleep practices.

The pandemic has changed all our lives and may carry on doing so for a few more years, but it will end. Learn to create positive routines at home and engage in on-line tutorials for self-help. It may be helpful to write a plan for each day or week.

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Important: If worried about your mental wellbeing, speak to your GP or medical expert.



Date: 22 March 2021 by max robinson