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Right Age gap for kids

There are no hard and fast rules about what age difference between brothers and sisters works best. It is up to you to work out what child age gap suits your family. To aid your thinking, here are the pros and cons for the different age gaps between kids.


Mind the gap!

The average age gap has been rising and according to the experts, families typically have a gap of 3-years and 8-months between their first and second children.

Small gap (under 2-years)


  • Join the exhaustion periods of pregnancy together. 
  • Children are likely to play together.
  • Share similar activities, games, and TV, make life easier.
  • While on maternity leave, spend more time with your eldest child.


  • Increased risk of complications in labour.
  • Can be tiring looking after a toddler when pregnant.
  • Toddlers might be jealous of or resent a new baby.
  • Cost of extra baby equipment as the eldest cannot pass on their cot, buggy, etc.

Medium gap (2-4 years)


  • The body will have had time to get back to normal.
  • Ready to go with all things baby related.
  • Save money re-using the baby equipment.
  • Mum friendly age-gap, as so easy to share same age kids with other families.


  • The age gap might be too big for the siblings to play together.

Longer gap (over 4-years)


  • The older child will be at school so more time with the new-born.
  • Less shattered from caring for two younger babies.
  • Eldest child can help with the new baby.
  • Sibling jealousy less of an issue.


  • Gaps of over 5-years are associated with pregnancy and birth problems.
  • Siblings are not close until they are grown up.

Working mums can manage the cost of raising another child with a bigger age gap. However, career mums may find it hard to return to motherhood and baby talk. A larger gap may impact on social life, especially if peers are enjoying children growing up and you are starting over again. 

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Date: 05 April 2021 by max