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Avoiding interview howlers

No one likes being unemployed, so finding the next job becomes the top priority. Many lost their jobs from the economic fallout within the pandemic. To be hired, requires being interviewed. Rather than focus on interview tips, this post will prevent the common interview mistakes (howlers). Are you or someone you know attending a job interview?


Down but not out

The pandemic has created many job losses, as result of various lockdowns. Some face unemployment, but others will be hired via a job interview. Nerves are part of the interview process, but try to avoid silly errors that cost the job.

Do not do these actions

  1. Arriving unprepared for a job interview, unable to tackle the interviewer's questions. Failing to read up on the company or being unaware of the skills needed for the job role.
  2. Dressing inappropriately or where clothes are not ironed. Turning up in dress-down mode gives an unprofessional impression, as firms have a dress code. Aim to be more formal than be too casual.
  3. Talking too much or not enough in the interview, as it leads to waffling. Talking too much or too fast weakens your chances. Likewise, not giving enough information and forgetting to mention important points can also weaken success.
  4. Criticising previous employers or colleagues, draws attention to the negative aspects a previous job. Bad-mouthing your old boss can end your chances of success.
  5. Failing to ask questions is a bad idea. By not asking a couple of relevant questions means that you are not interested in the job. 

For a good face to face interview outcome, arrive 10-minutes early and observe the basics, such as good manners, regular eye contact, a firm handshake, and smile. Employers understand that nerves are part of interviews, so when your mind goes completely blank, ask for a few seconds to gather your thoughts. Good luck at your next job interview.

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Date: 08 March 2021 by max robinson