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Home Schooling

Living in these pandemic times, any parent will worry about how their child will adjust to distance learning. After the first lockdown, some parents may be dreading home schooling. How can you best equip your child to learn from home?

Home schooling

You’re not alone

There are currently 10.3m full and part time pupils at school in the UK. That is 8.8m in England, 0.4m in Wales, 0.6m in Scotland and 0.3m in Northern Ireland. Don’t forget that many of the 500,000 full-time teachers are also working from home.

Think Structure and Space

If possible, set up a separate space in the home for your child where they can focus on their schoolwork, keeping everything from school in one place. Also try and provide structure, as routines help children feel secure. My sister in Australia, followed the school day when in her lockdown, ensuring her children stuck to the school timetable, including breaks and lunch. Mornings were taken up with schoolwork and the afternoons were for creativity (painting, craft, baking etc).

Tips for parents

  • Let children learn at their own pace and have some (not too much) control over their timetable.
  • Make your child the teacher, as this will not only help maintain interest, but also help them retain information.
  • Look at your child's work, as it will inspire them to work harder.
  • Praise their effort, as it will reassure them that they are doing a good job.
  • Keep active indoors, using fun exercise classes for children on the web.
  • Limit screen time and put up with the negative comments from your children.
  • Be there to talk about thier worries in terms of schoolwork or marks etc.
  • Staying positive, as we are in this together and every parent is trying their best.

Experts know that change is difficult. We are living in unusual times, so home schooling is a big change for any parent and child. Don’t be hard on yourself, and chat to your children about how different it is learning from home. The vaccine is on its way, so fingers crossed that we are in the last lockdown.

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Important: If worried about your child’s mental wellbeing, speak to your GP or your child’s school.



Date: 11 January 2021 by max robinson