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Vinyl is fashionable

Calling all music fans – vinyl LPs are back in fashion. Although streaming accounts for around 80% of UK music consumption, sales of vinyl LPs surged in 2020. Music lovers turned to their favourite songs to escape the lockdown, by purchasing much-loved albums on vinyl. Are you or your family one of those vinyl fans?

Game changer

Vinyl gets the high five

British music lovers bought nearly 5 million Vinyl LPs in 2020; a 13th consecutive year of growth since 2007.  Vinyl generates almost twice as much in industry revenues as music video streaming platforms. Vinyl fans support many indie record shops and specialist chains.

Why fuss over vinyl?

You can download any music at the click of a mouse/screen, so why play a physical record on a turntable? Music fans buy vinyl for these 5 reasons:

  1. Stunning Artwork on many album sleeves. Many collectors like to display their best albums on the wall. The larger format makes reading the album engineering notes and credits easier. 
  2. Owning the music as an item. Streaming music services has many advantages, but it cannot be owned in the same way a vinyl album.
  3. Escaping screens by playing a vinyl album. Vinyl needs to be played on a turntable and encourages people to focus on the music.
  4. Great Sound from vinyl. This musical format can sound amazing when the sound mixing and manufacturing come together.
  5. Vinyl requires extra effort. From carefully removing the vinyl record from its sleeve, to gently cleaning the record and lining up the stylus for playing. 

Anyone pining for a record collection after hearing their parent’s nostalgia for LPs, beware of the downside of vinyl. Looking after a vinyl record collection is time consuming. Give vinyl a miss, if you worried about inner sleeves, outer sleeves, vinyl bags, shelf storage, storage temperatures and cleaning brushes. If this leaves you cold, then stick to streaming your favourite music via your phone or computer.

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Date: 31 May 2021 by max robinson