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Boundaries at home

This year has seen a myriad of covid-19 rules and restrictions, often affecting the whole family. Without solid boundaries families would not be able understand how to behave towards one another. How do you set boundaries across the different age groups?


Uphill struggle

Screen time is often a running argument for many families. Experts recommend children aged between 5-17 should spend no more than 2-hours a day in front of a computer screen for pleasure. However, research suggests that more than three-quarters of teenagers are spending more than 2-hours a day interacting with screens.

Boundary setting tips

Set the standards and praise your children for following them. Reward good behaviour and consider asking them what they want as a reward. Always avoid making rash punishing decisions when you are angry or upset.

  • Keep the boundary guidance simple and consistent.
  • Clearly explain how you want your children to behave by following the chosen boundaries.
  • Make time so your child will come to you when they feel something is wrong or they are upset.
  • Keep talking and listening to your child even if at times it feels like a challenge.
  • Review family rules as your child gets older and recognise the different needs of various age groups.
  • Get support from friends and try any good ideas they have found helpful.

Finding time for yourself should be encouraged, rather than feeling guilty about it. Lots of things, create stress, from family relationships to managing a work-life balance, health, housing, unemployment and much more. If you are stressed and anxious all the time seek outside advice but talking to your GP or various helplines. The goal is clear: to be the best parent that you can.

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Date: 28 December 2020 by max robinson