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Home sweet work

Like so many workers, I have been working from home since the first lockdown. With the restrictions across the UK, we must adjust to new ways of living and working. Great to lose the commute but stuck at home can create stress and isolation. Are you coping with not only home-working, but also looking after the children/family?


Big numbers

As a rule, the jobs requiring higher qualifications and more experience are more likely to be homeworking. In April, 47% of people in employment did some work at home. Of those working from home, 86% did so because of the pandemic. Around one-third worked fewer hours than usual and around one-third worked more hours than usual. Experts are expecting similar numbers in November.

Boost your productivity

If working from home, take care of your physical and mental health by:

  1. Sticking to a routine and avoid blurring work and personal time. Follow your normal sleep and work patterns. Try walking around the block to create a commuting time so you’re in the work zone. When the workday ends, please stop working.
  2. Making a dedicated workspace (if you can) and keep everything in one place. If you do not have office furniture try use cushions to support you in your chair, or a box as a footrest.
  3. Having a break helps with stress and stop for lunch. Even short breaks each hour can help your productivity.
  4. Staying connected by socialising virtually (social media, zoom calls) having digital coffee breaks or online lunch with friends.
  5. Setting boundaries at home is not easy if there are other distractions like children. Mix up your working hours if your boss allows it, to fit in around the kids' needs.
  6. Being prepared for the long haul by considering better ways of improving how you work at home. Money saved from commuting can help buy second hand office furniture fro a home office.

Avoid a routine of bad habits; enjoy these unusual times by acknowledging that you might not be as productive as in the office. Be realistic about what you can achieve at home.

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Date: 16 November 2020 by max robinson