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Long love success

Whether you’re a newlywed or in a long-term relationship, there are certain secrets to a successful and loving relationship. In my 22nd relationship year, I am on solid ground, built on positive feelings and friendship. Getting to this point has taken time, effort and the odd failure. Is your relationship on strong or weak foundations?

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Recent divorce statistics, state 42% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce; 101,669 were opposite-sex couples and 338 were same-sex couples. Researcher reckon 40% of couples make it appear to others that their relationship is happier than it really is.

Call in the scientists

Standing back from the relationship noise, scientists found that strong and successful relationships had:

  1. Celebrated the good times leading to higher levels of commitment, intimacy, trust, and relationship satisfaction.
  2. 5 to 1 ratio: stable marriages had 5-times more positive interactions than negative ones. 
  3. Keep Standards high: people who expect more will get more.
  4. Keep Family and Friends close: this reduces the emotional demands on spouses.
  5. Don’t expect a spouse to create your happiness: a birth of a child may offer a short-term happiness only. 
  6. Have More Sex: It improves moods and leads to a more contented relationship.
  7. Excitement: regularly trying new things and sharing new experiences with the other half.
  8. Listen: hear your partner’s problems, thoughts and advice, knowing that you’re not always right.

Most relationships would benefit from not only being more open and honest, knowing that nobody’s perfect. A fulfilling relationship requires hard work, and may benefit from counselling during tough times. Good quality relationships support mental health, physical health and improving children’s chances in life. No pressure then...

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Date: 07 December 2020 by max robinson