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Green driving tips

Green driving may seem like an oxymoron (a figure of speech in which apparently contradicts), as driving creates pollution. However, most people share the government’s vision of a low-carbon future, but it’s a slow journey. Electric vehicle demand remains low amid consumer concerns around availability and affordability. As an alternative, why not be a green driver?

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Green driving numbers

In 2019, the total CO2 emissions from all UK cars on the roads are down just 7% since 2000, according motor experts. This is despite the gradual replacement of more efficient engines and newer models. Emissions have risen over the last three years owing to increased traffic on UK roads.

Tips for green driving

Greener driving is good for the environment and saves fuel (money). Here are the driving tips:

  1. Drive smoothly by anticipating the road ahead and avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration, which increases fuel usage.
  2. Maintain a greater distance from the vehicle in front, so that speed can be adapted without using the brakes.
  3. Change to a higher gear, as it lowers the revs and reduces fuel consumption.
  4. Switch off the engine (new cars do this automatically), when stationary for a minute or so to save fuel.
  5. Slow down by 10 mph on the motorway and watch fuel costs fall.
  6. Open the window rather than use air-conditioning. Aircon increase fuel consumption by as much as 5%. [Agree us aircon on hot days or at higher speeds].
  7. Tyre pressures are key to efficient fuel use. Under-inflated tyres increase fuel consumption, so check tyres once a month.
  8. Remove roof racks/boxes when they’re not being used.
  9. Lighten the load inside the car, as reduced weight, saves fuel.
  10. Turn off the heated rear window and mobile phone chargers, when not needed.

Getting there

There are around 15,500 public electric charging points in the UK, wth 26,500 plug-ins. Compare this to 8,400 petrol stations and 68,000 pumps. Car owners will need to make a big jump to buying an electric car, given the concerns around charging and affordability issues.

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Date: 14 December 2020 by Max Robinson