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Finding new Love

January can signal a new hunt for new love. For a successful relationship, it comes down to compatibility, however true love is more than similar interests. Both of you like mountain biking, but cycling isn’t enough to ensure you right for each other. Alternatively dating apps allow people to connect way outside their normal social network. How do you avoid the love-bubble bursting?


It’s a numbers game

There are supposed to be 17m unattached adults living in the UK. A University study in 2017, found that the chance of finding love on a given day is just 1 in 562, if left to fate alone. The odds improve rapidly, if you attend after-work drinks, go to a gym or join an online dating service.

No silver bullets

To prevent your love-bubble bursting, avoid the following:

  1. Coming on too strong at the start, as this can be intimidating to the other person.
  2. Being too rigid in what you want in the early stages.
  3. Performing for the other person, as it can be exhausting in long-term. 
  4. Not learning from past relationship failures.
  5. Moving too fast and telling someone that they’re the one.
  6. Don’t meet the friends and family for at least three months.
  7. Ignoring red flags.
  8. Posting too much online material makes for misunderstandings.
  9. Not establishing clear boundaries early on, creates stored up problems.
  10. Glossing over the sexual chemistry will lead to failure.

I was lucky to meet my partner in a pub, 22 years ago, this month. It was by, so I beat the 1:562 odds that night. When you think you have found the special one, it can be tempting to dream of being together for ever. Step back and ensure you are avoiding the 10 faux pas points above. Good luck for 2020 and may your love-bubble grow.

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Date: 20 January 2020 by Max Robinson