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Date: 29 November 2021 by max robinson

High inflation is unwelcome

In the middle of a pandemic, most families have other priorities to worry about. However, we have unwelcome guest stalking our finances. The guest is invisible unless prices are compared. Inflation has dropped away in the last 35 years. Is inflation on your radar?

Date: 22 November 2021 by max robinson

Cut the cost of Xmas

In the run up to Christmas, many household costs are rising fast. Whether it’s the festive food, the toys, the decorations, the fuel for travel or gas for cooking, we can see prices rising from last year. With a month to go, you’re not being a Scrooge, if you take control of Xmas costs now. Are you on top of your Christmas budget?

Date: 15 November 2021 by max robinson

A Cheating Partner

Writing about partners having affairs is necessary, however unpleasant the content. Both men and women are equally capable of cheating. This post will not take sides, but every relationship should find a way back to happier times. Why do partners cheat?

Date: 08 November 2021 by max robinson

Green up your life

COP26 is entering its second week. We are all learning about reducing our carbon emissions. It not only means teaching the children, but also parents need to learn to live a greener lifestyle. Are you changing your habits in favour of being greener?

Date: 01 November 2021 by max robinson

Make way for an electric car

As COP26 rolls out, we must consider our own environmental impact. Cars account for 18% of UK emissions. To reach net zero by 2050, the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2030, followed by hybrid cars from 2035. This makes way for the electric cars. Are you planning to buy an electric car?

Date: 25 October 2021 by max robinson

The Artificial Grass Debate

Wet winters translate into a muddy lawn. Families are moving to artificial grass since it always looks good in all types of weather. Artificial turf does not need to be watered, fed or mowed like real grass. Have you thought about artificial turf?

Date: 18 October 2021 by max robinson

Asking for a pay rise

The bad news is that the cost of food, fuel, DIY materials to name a few are rising, along with taxes next April. The good news is that many business sectors are short of skilled staff. This translates into employees receiving increased salaries. To give yourself the best chance of convincing your boss of a pay rise, you must prepare. Are you going to ask for a pay rise?

Date: 11 October 2021 by max robinson

Keep mental health in the open

It’s less well known that October 10th is World Mental Health Day. During the pandemic, millions in the UK experienced a mental health problem, or have seen a loved one struggle. Often the medical support is tough to find. Start with self-help and speak out by talking about your mental health with family and friends. Do you know someone facing mental health issues?

Date: 04 October 2021 by max robinson

Stop Panic Buying

The toilet roll curse is back in the form of cars queuing in huge numbers for fuel at garages in many parts of England.. Before petrol and diesel, it was fizzy drinks because of a perceived shortage of carbon dioxide. It’s time to strap in for a bumpy ride this Christmas. As we have no control over the bigger picture, we crave to control our mini-world (home & daily routines), so we buy in extra supplies. Are you prone to panic buying?

Date: 27 September 2021 by max robinson

Stop being disturbed at work

Being back in the office is a great opportunity to mix with colleagues and be part of a vibrant face to face team. However, it will mean being disturbed at your desk and many other distractions. After working from home, many workers will be frustrated by the distractions of office life. Experts reckon that workers are distracted up to 15 times a day, or every 35 minutes. Do you recognise the problem?

Date: 20 September 2021 by max robinson

Speak in a new tongue

Hands up if your child is weak at speaking a foreign language. It is an inside joke that British kids are not good language learners. Foreign languages are not a popular option at school. Many children start studying a new language at the age of 11 and many give up by 14. Do you believe in children learning a foreign language?

Date: 13 September 2021 by max robinson

Cracking the virtual meeting

Covid-19 has meant hybrid-working with staggered visits to the office, with the remaining time working from home. This mix of working means running or attending virtual meetings from home or from the office. How to run a virtual meeting that benefits you and the attendees?

Date: 06 September 2021 by max robinson

Savvy Food shopper

With the different lockdowns and the subsequent economic slowdown, the pandemic is focusing financial minds, as people tighten their belts. Removing unnecessary expenditure from food bills can help many families. Are you looking for ways to make your money stretch a little further? If yes, then you need to be a savvy food shopper.

Date: 02 August 2021 by max robinson

A dyslexic child

The new school year is around the corner. Many parents may not realise that experts believe that 14% of the UK population suffer with dyslexia. If your young child is confused by letters which look similar, particularly b/d, p/g, p/q, n/u, m/w or has difficulty with concepts of yesterday, today, tomorrow, then they may be dyslexic. What can you do?

Date: 24 July 2021 by max robinson

Financial Wellbeing

The pandemic will create winners and losers in terms of money. Healthy finances are a key part of financial wellbeing. A study found many are struggling, with 40% of people have less than £100 left at the end of the month and 29% of people do not have any emergency savings. Do you have your financial wellbeing under control?

Date: 19 July 2021 by max robinson

Caught a Cheating Partner

Catching a partner having an affair happens. However unpleasant the content and details you need to locate the facts. Both men and women are equally capable of cheating. This post will not take sides, but it believes that every relationship should find a way back to happier times. If your partner is having an affair, what should you do?

Date: 12 July 2021 by max robinson

Adults learning to read

Question: Which country has 2.4m adults who cannot read or can barely read? Answer: England. Shocking as it is, together we can remove the stigma of adult illiteracy by letting people speak up and learn to read. There is no shame in learning to read as an adult. Do you know any grown-ups who want to improve their reading skills?

Date: 05 July 2021 by max robinson

Retiring Early (I wish)

Imagine winning the golden ticket at work and being given early retirement. Sounds like a dream, but think carefully about how to manage financially and mentally. What would you do in retirement?

Date: 28 June 2021 by max robinson

The Staycation Is Here

With the possibility of foreign lockdowns, vaccine passports, testing regimes and hotel quarantine, the holiday abroad has never looked less attractive. This summer, Britain faces a staycation fever, as we head on our homeland holidays. Do not panic, as a staycation gives plenty of opportunities to explore and appreciate our island’s beauty, history, and culture. Why book a UK staycation?

Date: 21 June 2021 by max robinson

Health Anxiety

Since covid-19 hit Britain, at certain times I have had small health worries. However, other people obsessively worry about their health, known as hypochondriacs. Made worse by the coronavirus, it means a rise in a mental health condition known as Health Anxiety. Do you or a member of family sufferer from health anxiety?